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Study Guide for Exam 2

Study Guide for Exam 2 - ART 202 Medieval Art Study Guide...

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ART 202 Medieval Art Fall 2007 Study Guide for Exam 2 Dr. Holian *Please remember to bring a blue book with you to the exam * This exam will be the same format at Exam 1 and will contain 5 fill-in-the blank and/or definition questions in Part 1, 3 short-answer questions with images, and one slightly longer essay question, also illustrated with images. This exam will test material beginning with Lecture 10 through the conclusion of Carolingian art. And, many of the illustrated questions will require slide identifications. A complete slide identification will include: 1. Title of the work 2. Approximate date (within 20 years if precise date is known, or century, IF precise date is NOT given below ) 3. Material 4. Location (if listed below) The slides to be identified on this exam will be drawn ONLY from the list of images below. Images not appearing in the course textbook are listed in bold and will be available for study on MDID in the file named “Art 202 Exam 2 Study Images.” Image List for Exam 2: 1. Anthemius of Tralles and Isidorus of Miletus, Hagia Sophia
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