Lec 12 terms - ART 202 Medieval Art Lecture 12 (9/19/07)...

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ART 202 Medieval Art Fall 2007 Lecture 12 (9/19/07) Left over term: reverse perspective Terms: sumptuary arts diptych leaf illuminated manuscript illumination codex (pl. codices) folio vellum parchment Honoratai scriptorium (pl. scriptoria) Epinoia Works to be discussed today in lecture: FINISH Mosaics of San Vitale, 540-48 --Christ Entroned with Angels, St. Vitale and Bishop Ecclesius --Sacrifice of Abel and Melchizedek --Sacrifice of Isaac --Empress Theodora and her court --Emperor Justinian and Archbishop Maximianus Transfiguration of Christ , 560-65, mosaic, Monastery of St. Catherine, Mt. Sinai Transfiguration of Christ , 549, mosaic, Sant’Apollinare in Classe, outside Ravenna St. Michael Diptych , early 6 th C., ivory, made in Constantinople --compare to Symmachi ivory panel (part of a diptych), c. 400, probably made in Rome Barberini Ivory , 525-550, made in Constantinople Materia Medica (a.k.a. Vienna Dioscorides) , 512, made in or near Constantinople --portrait of Anicia Juliana between Magnanimity and Prudence --illustration of a violet --author portrait of Dioscorides San Vitale, 540-548 Byzantine mosaics in the choir and apse preserved The mosaics are connected through theme of salvation through Christ and through Eucharist as well as Justinian’s divine right to rule. Symbolic scenes, not narrative Fewer figures in each scene but larger figures
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Apse—Christ Enthroned with Angels San Vitale angel Christ angel Bishop Eclesious (founder of An Vitale) Christ handing San vitale a martyr crown of jewels Bishop Ecclesius handing Christ a model of the church San Vitale Christ is sitting on a holy orb over four rivers and holding 7 seals in his hands (reference to Revelations) Christ not bearded and wearing purple (color reserved for Emperor) decorated
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Lec 12 terms - ART 202 Medieval Art Lecture 12 (9/19/07)...

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