Lec 13 terms - ART 202 Medieval Art Lecture 13 Left over...

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ART 202 Medieval Art Fall 2007 Lecture 13 (9/21/07) Left over terms from Wednesday’s lecture: illuminated manuscript illumination codex (pl. codices) folio vellum parchment Honoratai scriptorium (pl. scriptoria) Epinoia Iconoclasm icons Emperor Leo III iconoclasts, iconodules New terms: sudarium of St. Veronica John of Damascus barbari (=”barbarians”) Langobards Visigoths—derive from the Scyths Franks King Clovis Anglo-Saxons Celts, Picts, Scots Vikings liege-lord vassals feudalism pantheistic Celtic spiral animal style (animal interlace) polychrome or gem style Ostrogoths Works to be discussed today in lecture: FINISH Materia Medica (a.k.a. Vienna Dioscorides) , 512, made in or near Constantinople --portrait of Anicia Juliana between Magnanimity and Prudence --illustration of a violet --author portrait of Dioscorides Vienna Genesis , 6 th C., probably made in Constantinople --Rebecca at the Well, detail of folio illustrated in text
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Virgin and Child Enthroned with Saints , 6 th or early 7 th C., encaustic on wood, Mt. Sinai Scythian Birdman , 4 th C., gold Christ on the Cross , mid-8 th C. Ostrogothic fibula , c. 500, found near Ravenna in grave, may have been made there Barberini Ivory , 525-550, made in Constantinople Most famous ivory from this period 14”1/4 high by 11” Multiple panels brought together 5 in total only 4 survive The depth of the work varies from 28mm to 8mm suggests talent of the artists Very talented Think that more than one artist worked on it Made in Constantinople Middle figure probably Justinian Because of the iconography through out the panel Dressed like a Roman solder, Emperor wearing a crown, not a foot soldier armor, someone who rode a horse Top right corner winged with laural, personification of Victory Bottom figure holding a cornucopia and holding up the Emperor; personification of Earth Left figure, baggy pants with a long shirt and long hair; barbarian
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Lec 13 terms - ART 202 Medieval Art Lecture 13 Left over...

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