Lec 15 terms - ART 202 Medieval Art Lecture 15 (9/26/07)...

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ART 202 Medieval Art Fall 2007 Lecture 15 (9/26/07) Left over terms from Monday’s lecture: polychrome or gem style Ostrogoths fibula (pl. fibulae) cloisonné or partition work openwork granulation New terms: stucco relief sculpture Merovingian (from Merovech) enamel sacramentary millefiori technique Hiberno-Saxon circle-intersected or wheel cross Coptic carpet page circle-intersected cross or wheel cross Works to be discussed today in lecture: FINISH Eagle Fibula , c. 500 (Ostrogothic), place of origin unknown, found near Ravenna, gold on bronze with cloisonné garnets Votive crown of King Reccesswinth (Visigothic), 653-672, gold, sapphires and pearls. Female Saints (?) from the Tempietto of Santa Maria-in-Valle , Cividale, Italy, 8 th C., stucco (Langobardian) Medallion with bust of Christ (Merovingian/Frankish) second half of 8 th C., cloisonné enamel on copper Sacramentary of Gelasius , c. 750, probably made at Corbie, in France Oseberg Burial Ship , c. 800 Belt Buckle , c. 625, from Sutton Hoo burial, gold Hinged Gold Shoulder Clasp , c. 625, from Sutton Hoo burial Migratory tribal art Celtic spiral Animal style Polychrome (multi colored) —gem style Usually jewelry and worn on body Eagle Fibula, 500 Ostrogothic Found in Ravenna, but no way to know where it was made.
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Suspect it was made in Ravenna, because the capital of the Ostrogothic empire in Ravenna Fibula—giant safety pin, usually worn at the shoulder Gold inlaid with garnet Solar disk in center—referencing pagan past that worshiped the sun Cross inside of the disk—combining the pagan and Christian religions Composite view of the eagle
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Lec 15 terms - ART 202 Medieval Art Lecture 15 (9/26/07)...

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