Lec 17 terms - ART 202 Medieval Art Lecture 17 Left over...

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ART 202 Medieval Art Fall 2007 Lecture 17 (10/1/07) Left over terms from Friday’s lecture: Carolingian Charles the Great, better known as Charlemagne Aachen Carolingian Renaissance Odo of Metz New terms: westwork cloister vault Centula Angilbert Abbot Gozbert crypt Works to be discussed today in lecture: Odo of Metz, Palatine Chapel , 790-805, Aachen Abbey of Centula, Church of St. Riquier , 790-799, France St. Gall Monastery plan , early 9 th C. (drawn at Reichenau, sent to St. Gall) Carolingian Dynasty late 8 th cent through 9 th cent After the Merovingian dynasty Frankish people Charlemagne : crowned, holding orb, and stick 800 the Pope crowned him ruler of the Holy Roman Empire Was already the king of his people and crowned so that he could be publicly declared the successor to Constantine Having pope crown him made him and his actions holy; moral/psychological advantage against his enemies Led 53 military campaigns Pope gets the Frankish army to be his standing army 800 The Roman Christian Empire is re-established under Charlemagne So he aims to re-establish the world of Constantine
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Lec 17 terms - ART 202 Medieval Art Lecture 17 Left over...

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