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Unformatted text preview: ty Issue of Data, Clock Issue of Data, Ephemeris Institute of Navigation JPL JPO Jet Propulsion Laboratory Joint Program Office LAN LBMON Longitude of the Ascending Node L-Band Monitor computer program LSB LSF Least Significant Bit Leap Seconds Future Mbps MCS MDT MHz MOA Million bits per second Master Control Station Mean Down Time Megahertz Memorandum of Agreement Page B-5 October 2001 GPS SPS Performance Standard MS MSB MTBDE MTBF MTTR Monitor Station Most Significant Bit Mean Time Between Downing Events Mean Time Between Failures Mean Time to Repair NANU NASA NAVSOL NOTAM NSC NTE Notice: Advisory to Navigation Users National Aeronautics and Space Administration Navigation Solution Notice to Airmen Non-Standard C/A-Code Not-To-Exceed OCS ORD Operational Control System Observed Range Deviation PDD PDOP PPS PRN PUNE P(Y) Presidential Decision Directive Position Dilution of Precision Precise Positioning Service Pseudo Random Noise 3 Dimensional Position Component of the User Navigation Error Precise or (Y) code RAAN RF RHCP RMA RMS Right Ascension of the Ascending Node Radio Frequency Right Hand Circularly Polarized Reliability, Maintainability, Availability Root Mean Square SA SIS SPS SS SV Selective Availability Signal-in-Space Standard Positioning Service Space Segment Space Vehicle (short hand notation for a GPS satellite) TDOP TEC TGD TLM TOW TT&C TUNE Time Dilution of Precision Total Electron Count Estimated Group Delay Differential Telemetry Time of Week Telemetry, Tracking, and Commanding Time Component of the User Navigation Error UE UERE UNE URA URE U.S. USNO UTC (USNO) User Equipment User Equivalent Range Error User Navigation Error User Range Accuracy User Range Error United States U.S. Naval Observatory Coordinated Universal Time as represented by the United States Naval Observatory VDOP VUNE Vertical Dilution of Precision Vertical Component of the User Navigation Error WGS 84 World Geodetic System 1984 Page B-6...
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