Lec 20 terms - ART 202 Medieval Art Lecture 20 (10/2/06)...

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ART 202 Medieval Art Fall 2007 Lecture 20 (10/2/06) Exam 3 Terms : “Second Golden Age” of Byzantium—867-1204 --Macedonian dynasty (established by Basil I , ruled 867-886)—867-1050 --Komnenian dynasty (established by Alexius Komnenos , rules 1081-1118)—1081-1185 “Macedonian Reniassance” Great Schism (1054) = Latin Catholic Church, Greek Orthodox Church First Crusade (1095) iconostasis naos cross-in-square (also known as a quincunx) Greek cross octagon groin vault Christ Pantokrater “abstract verism” (Greek) Hellenistic (c. 323-31 B.C.) Emperor Constantine VII Melodia (Melody) gouache Works to be discussed today in class : FINISH Second cover of the Lindau Gospels , c. 870, precious stones, pearls, gold, probably made at the abbey church of St.-Denis, just outside Paris Monastery of Hosios Loukas , Stiris, Greece --Katholikon , c. 1020 -- Nativity , mosaic, c. 1048, Katholikon -- Theotokos , c. 1020, mosaic, Katholikon, Hosios Loukas, Stiris, Greece Christ Pantokrator (Christ the Almighty), c. 1100, mosaic, Church of the Dormition, Daphni, Greece Theotokos , c. 867, mosaic, Hagia Sophia, Constantinople Joshua Roll , dates to the 10 th C., probably done in Constantinople Paris Psalter , c. 950, probably made in Constantinople, under Constantine VII --David the Harpist folio --compare to base for Column of Antoninus Pius, c. 161, Rome --compare to River Jordan from Orthodox Baptistery, mid 5 th C., Ravenna --compare to Orpheus from the Catacomb of Domatilla, 3 rd C. A.D., Rome --Prayer of Isaiah folio --compare to Tellus (earth) from the Ara Pacis Augustae, 13-9 B.C., Rome
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Lec 20 terms - ART 202 Medieval Art Lecture 20 (10/2/06)...

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