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Cheat Sheet for - General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade(GATT WTO policing global trading system Foreign Direct Investment(FDI firms investment of

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General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) WTO policing global trading system Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) - firms investment of resource outside of home country Moore’s law - 2x processors produced, price drops in half Stock of FDI refers total cumulative valure of foreign investments. Multinat. Enterprise ( MNE )- business with activities in two or more countries International business - firm that engages in international trade or investment Private action - theft, blackmail, piracy. Public action - government corruption, extortion of income/resources from property owners; Foreign Corrupt Practices Act- 1970s, makes it illegal to bribe foreign officials; Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development , assoc of world’s most powerful economies, adopted Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions - obliges members to make bribery of foreign officials a criminal offense with the exception of grease (expediting, facilitating) payments - secures the performance of routine governmental action Intellectual Property - property that is the product of intellectual activity (ie, computer software, music score, screenplay); Copyright - right to publish and distribute work. Trademark - Officially registered names designated to certain manufacturers products (ie Dior, Gucci) World Interllectual Property Organization- 188 countries signed international treaties protecting intellectual property Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights ( TRIPS)- 1995 WTO oversees enforcement of much stricter intellectual property regulations. PurchasingPowerParity - adjusts for cost of living. HDI - measure quality of life through life expectancy at birth, education, average income based on PPP, created by Amartya Sen ; Dereg - removing legal restrictions to establishing private enterprises, to
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