A Guide to Project Management

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Unformatted text preview: ntain an extension must be approved by the PMI Standards Program. Permission to initiate, develop, and maintain an extension must be received from PMI and will be the subject of an agreement between or among the organizations. If there is no other sponsoring organization, the PMI Standards Program may elect to proceed alone. The sponsoring group will notify and solicit advice and support from the PMI Standards Program Member Advisory Group and PMI Standards Program Manager throughout the development and maintenance process. They will concur with the appropriateness of the sponsoring organization for the extension proposed and will review the extension during its development to identify any conflicts or overlaps with other similar projects that may be under way. The sponsoring group will prepare a proposal to develop the extension. The proposal will include a justification for the project with a matrix of application-area-specific processes and the affected sections of this document. It will also contain the commitment of sufficient qualified drafters and reviewers; identification of funding requirements, including reproduction, postage, telephone costs, desktop publishing, etc.; commitment to the PMI procedures for PMI Standards extension development and maintenance; and a plan and schedule for extension development and maintenance. Following acceptance of the proposal, the project team will prepare a project charter for approval by the sponsoring group and the PMI Standards Program Team. The charter will include sources of funding and any funding proposed to be provided by PMI. It will include a requirement for periodic review of the extension with reports to the PMI Standards Program Team and a "Sunset Clause" that specifies when, and under what conditions, the extension will be removed from active status as a PMI Standard. The proposal will be submitted to the PMI Standards Manager in accordance with the PMI Standards-Setting Process. The PMI Standards Manager will determine if the proposal can be expected to result in a document that will meet the requirements for a PMI Standard and if adequate resources and sources of support have been identified. To help with this determination, the PMI Standards Manager will seek review and comment by the PMI Standards Program Member Advisory Group and, if appropriate, a panel of knowledgeable persons not involved with the extension. The PMI Standards Manager, with the support of the PMI Standards Program Member Advisory Group, will monitor and support the development of the approved project. The sponsoring organization will develop the extension according to the approved project charter, including coordinating with the PMI Standards Program Team for support, review, and comment. A Guide to the A Guide to the Project Project Management Management Body of Body of KnowledgeE L KnowledgeE PL MP AM SA S A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide) 2000 Edition 2000 Project Manageme...
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