A Guide to Project Management

Aware of one of the fundamental tenets of modern

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Unformatted text preview: ofessional associations or commercial service providers. .4 Inputs to other processes. The quality planning process may identify a need for further activity in another area. 8.2 QUALITY ASSURANCE Quality assurance is all the planned and systematic activities implemented within the quality system to provide confidence that the project will satisfy the relevant quality standards (6). It should be performed throughout the project. Prior to development of the ISO 9000 Series, the activities described under quality planning were widely included as part of quality assurance. Quality assurance is often provided by a Quality Assurance Department or similarly titled organizational unit, but it does not have to be. Assurance may be provided to the project management team and to the management of the performing organization (internal quality assurance), or it may be provided to the customer and others not actively involved in the work of the project (external quality assurance). A Guide to the A Guide to the .1 Quality management plan .2 Results of quality control measurements .3 Operational definitions Project Project Management Management Body of Body of KnowledgeE L KnowledgeE PL Inputs Tools & Techniques Outputs MP AM SA S .1 Quality planning tools and techniques .2 Quality audits .1 Quality improvement 8.2.1 Inputs to Quality Assurance .1 Quality management plan. The quality management plan is described in Section .2 Results of quality control measurements. Quality control measurements are records of quality control testing and measurement in a format for comparison and analysis. .3 Operational definitions. Operational definitions are described in Section 8.2.2 Tools and Techniques for Quality Assurance .1 Quality planning tools and techniques. The quality planning tools and techniques described in Section 8.1.2 can be used for quality assurance as well. .2 Quality audits. A quality audit is a structured review of other quality management activities. The objective of a quality audit is to identify lessons learned that can improve performance of this project or of other projects within the performing A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide) 2000 Edition 2000 Project Management Institute, Four Campus Boulevard, Newtown Square, PA 19073-3299 USA NAVIGATION LINKS ACROYMNS LIST ACRONYMS LIST 101 ACROYMNS LIST Chapter 8--Project Quality Management 8.2.3 | organization. Quality audits may be scheduled or random, and they may be carried out by properly trained in-house auditors or by third parties, such as quality system registration agencies. 8.2.3 Outputs from Quality Assurance .1 Quality improvement. Quality improvement includes taking action to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the project to provide added benefits to the project stakeholders. In most cases, implementing quality improvements will require preparation of change requests or taking of corrective action, and will be handled accor...
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