A Guide to Project Management

Of the project in a deterministic model the critical

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Unformatted text preview: Overlap 202 NAVIGATION LINKS ACROYMNS LIST ACRONYMS LIST ACROYMNS LIST A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide) 2000 Edition 2000 Project Management Institute, Four Campus Boulevard, Newtown Square, PA 19073-3299 USA Glossary Life-Cycle Costing. The concept of including acquisition, operating, and disposal costs when evaluating various alternatives. Line Manager. 1) The manager of any group that actually makes a product or performs a service. 2) A functional manager. Link. See logical relationship. Logic. See network logic. Logic Diagram. See project network diagram. Logical Relationship. A dependency between two project activities, or between a project activity and a milestone. See also precedence relationship. The four possible types of logical relationships are: Finish-to-start--the initiation of work of the successor depends upon the completion of work of the predecessor. Finish-to-finish--the completion of the work of the successor cannot finish until the completion of work of the predecessor. Start-to-start--the initiation of work of the successor depends upon the initiation of the work of the predecessor. Start-to-finish--the completion of the successor is dependent upon the initiation of the predecessor. Loop. A network path that passes the same node twice. Loops cannot be analyzed using traditional network analysis techniques such as critical path method and program evaluation and review technique. Loops are allowed in graphical evaluation and review technique. Master Schedule. A summary-level schedule that identifies the major activities and key milestones. See also milestone schedule. Mathematical Analysis. See network analysis. Matrix Organization. Any organizational structure in which the project manager shares responsibility with the functional managers for assigning priorities and for directing the work of individuals assigned to the project. Milestone. A significant event in the project, usually completion of a major deliverable. Milestone Schedule. A summary-level schedule that identifies the major milestones. See also master schedule. Mitigation. See risk mitigation. Monitoring. The capture, analysis, and reporting of project performance, usually as compared to plan. Monte Carlo Analysis. A technique that performs a project simulation many times to calculate a distribution of likely results. See simulation. Near-Critical Activity. An activity that has low total float. Network. See project network diagram. Network Analysis. The process of identifying early and late start and finish dates for the uncompleted portions of project activities. See also critical path method, program evaluation and review technique, and graphical evaluation and review technique. Network Logic. The collection of activity dependencies that makes up a project network diagram. Network Path. Any continuous series of connected activities in a project network diagram. Node. One of the defining points of a network; a junction point joined...
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