Speed and arc length electrode angle electrode 20 to

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Unformatted text preview: avel The speed at which the electrode moves along The the base material while welding the Too fast of a travel speed results in a skinny and convex weld Too Too slow of a travel speed results in a wide weld with an Too excessive metal deposit excessive Arc Length Arc The distance the The electrode is from the base metal. It should match the electrode diameter diameter Too close and the Too bead will appear skinny and electrode may stick to the metal may Too far and you’ll have Too excessive spatter and no bead at all no Arc Length = 1/8” Starting the Weld Starting Known as “striking an Known arc” arc” Similar to striking a Similar match You must have the You electrode moving before it touches the base metal otherwise, it’ll stick Once you can see, go Once to the starting point and start your bead and Weld Positions Weld Flat is the easiest Flat position position Whenever possible, Whenever adjust your metal Vertical, Horizontal, Vertical, and Overhead welds are much more difficult are Safety Safety Protect yourself Protect and others from potential hazards including: including: Fumes and Gases Electric Shock Arc Rays Fire and Explosion Fire Hazards Noise Hot objects Proper Dress Proper Leather gloves Helmet with a #10 shade lens Apron and/or jacket Boots Boots Check Your Work Area Check For proper ventilation For fire and explosion For hazards hazards For electrical For problems problems For excessive noise Now it’s Your Turn Now The more you practice, the better you’ll The get get Make sure you use 2 hands and are Make comfortable comfortable The biggest problems for beginners are: Striking the arc (it wants to stick) Striking Traveling too fast Too far away Resources Resources http://www.lincolnelectric.com/knowledge/train http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arc_welding...
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