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PHIL 214 XC Bourne Ultimatum

PHIL 214 XC Bourne Ultimatum - blood but also from the bile...

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Judd Andrews PHIL 214 Lemmons Extra Credit 12/18/07 Reflection and Ethical Analysis of Bourne Ultimatum Throughout this movie, Jason Bourne has been in pursuit of his previous self, his real self, before he involved himself into the mess of being a government-hired gunman. He must fight through constant attempted government intervention while he works toward his goal to discover who he is, who he was and why he does the things that he does. His memory is restricted to a few scattered flashes of memory about his history which leads him in "Ultimatum" to where he began: C.I.A. training HQ. Through the struggles of Jason Bourne, we viewers are able to put ourselves symbolically in his place and ponder the question, “aren’t we all on a quest to find ourselves our entire lives?” Jason Bourne is bruised, beat-up, tortured, and whipped not only on the physical level but more importantly on the ethical one. He is suffering, bleeding from within with not only the
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Unformatted text preview: blood but also from the bile and acid that shreds and eats away at him. He doesn't eat, he hardly drinks, he has no life to speak of and when he dares to love a woman, she is taken away also. Bourne is empty, reduced to absolutely nothing. Towards the end of "The Bourne Ultimatum," Jason confronts a man who has been sent to kill him and he asks, "Do you have any idea why you want to kill me?" "Do you have any idea why you do the things that you do?” The movie comes to a screeching halt after an hour and a half of car and foot chases, hand-to-hand combat, and gunfire ricocheting as we all take a deep breath, recognizing that Bourne is not only commenting on himself and on the man who would be his murderer but also to us: after his hectic journey that symbolizes our lives, he poses the question for everyone: why am I doing what I am doing?...
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