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ARH 2-19 - -Shift from black figure to red figure-Three...

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ARH 2-19 - Temple of Hera- Paestum, Italy, Archaic, c. 550BC. o Dedicated to Hera, wife of Zeus o Doric temple o 80ft by 170ft o 9x18(should be 9x19) o Has heavy Doric columns. Swell in the middle called entasis . Used to counter the fact that the columns look concave from a distance - By 6 th century, Athenians and Greeks had become master potterers and painters. - Most pottery found in Etruscan region - 2 forms of painting pots o Black Figure-Figures were black(came first) o Red Figure- Figures were red - Achilles and Ajax (Exekias, Painter)- Black Figure amphora, Archaic, Atica(area around Athens) 540-530BC. o Exekias was both painter and potter of his vessels o Were highly sought after o Used larger figures that filled panels on the vessel vs bands and registers o Were serious paintings o Achilles and Ajax playing a game o 2ft tall o Achilles on left, Ajax on the right o Depicted at Troy o Pent up tension, Holding spears, shields and helmets at the ready. o Profile heads and frontal eyes
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Unformatted text preview: -Shift from black figure to red figure -Three revelers (Euthymides) –Red-Figure amphora, Archaic, c.510 BC. o Started to explore figures in space o Appears to be 3 drunken revelers o Treated as a 3 individual vs a group o Eventually moves to the refinement and perfection of the human form-480-450 bc Early Classical period -Athenian defeat of Persia. Real rise of Greece-Kritios Boy- p.115 (5-33)-Athens, Acropolis, 480BC, Early Classical. o Major revolution in sculpture o Made from marble(bronze is medium of choice) o 3”10’ o Stance of figure is organic and natural o Natualism is shown in the shift of weight, contrapposto -The disposition of the human figure in which one part is turned in opposition to another part; a twist of the body about its central axis. o Contrapposto is very slight o Clear definable break from stiff Greek sculpture, major revolution o Named after his sculpture...
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ARH 2-19 - -Shift from black figure to red figure-Three...

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