ARH 4-2 - o Wears a halo yet rides his sun chariot across...

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ARH 4-2 - Restored view plan and section of Old Saint Peter's- p. 230 (8-7) Rome, c.320. o Began in 319-392AD o Built directly above Peter’s burial site o Peter was Crucified under Nero in about 64AD o Tries to shy away from buildings that already have a strong religious attachment o Exterior was very plain o Extravagance and lavishness is on the inside - Plan of Santa Costanza -p.232 (8-10) Rome, 337-351. o Circular style is central style plan o The basilica is the most common however there was the central style o Everyone is equidistant from the alter o Most central style’s were used for smaller buildings o Santa Costanza was Constantine’s daughter o Ambulatory was a ring like side aisle around the alter o Exterior was very plain o Inside was decorated with mosaic o Appear to be Pagan and Christian o Putti picking grapes and making wine- symbolizes the blood of Jesus o Shows Santa Costanza amidst vines - Christ as Sol Invictus -p. 233 (8-12) , Mausoleum of Julii, Rome late 3 rd cen. o Earliest surviving mosaic of Christ
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Unformatted text preview: o Wears a halo yet rides his sun chariot across the sky as Sol Invictus, the pagan god of sun, would o Is surrounded by scrolling vines. -Santa Maria Majore o First Church dedicated to the virgin Mary o Began in 432AD o In 432 there was a meeting of all Christian leaders in the world. Ecumenical council. Mary is given the title Theotokos- bearer of God. o Nave is decorated with mosaics o All show scenes from the old testament -The parting of Lot and Abraham -p. 234 (8-13) S. Maria Maggiore Nave, Rome 432-440. o Separation of Abraham and his nephew Lot o Abraham represents good. He heads off towards the right, towards the church o Lot heads off towards Sodamin -Anorious moves the capital of the Christian empire to Ravenna, Italy. The Goths were destroying it. Anorious dies, Gall Placidia takes over and does everything a male would have. -Mausoleum of Galla Placidia -p. 235(8-14) Ravenna, Italy c. 425....
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ARH 4-2 - o Wears a halo yet rides his sun chariot across...

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