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2 a partial regression coefficient

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Unformatted text preview: 04 -0.0206 0.1429 -0.0536 0.0229 b. Interpret the y-intercept and partial regression coefficients. 8 c. What is the estimated budget for a zoological park that draws an annual attendance of 2.0 million, occupies 150 acres, and has 600 species Chapter 12 ­ Multiple Linear Regression Analysis 12.1 The Multiple Regression Model 12.02, 12.04, 12.06, 12.08 12.2 Model Assumptions and the Standard Error 12.3 The Least Squares Estimates, and Point Estimation and Prediction 12.4 R2 12.5 The Overall F Test 12.14, 12.16 12.6 Testing the Significance of an Independent Variable 12.20, 12.22 12.7 Confidence and Prediction Intervals End of Chapter 12.54, 12.56 11.9 An F Test for the Model 11.58 (From Chapter 11) This statistical workbook is compiled from the following books: • • • • Keller, G. (2012). Statistics for management and economics. Mason: Cengage Learning. Weiers, R. M. (2011). Introduction to Business Statistics. Mason: Cengage Learning. (GMAC), F. t. (Ed.). (2005). GMAT  ­Quantitative Review. Oxford, UK: Blackwell. Gonick, L. W. (2005). The Cartoon Guide to Statistics (Vol. 1). HarperCollins. Samie’s Tips! Lesson 12 ­The Exam corner ­ TIPS and TRICKS! Hello, This week, we will be looking at Multiple Linear Regression, a chapter very similar to Lesson 10/11 Simple Linear Regression. In Multiple Linear Regression, make sure you understand how to construct an ANOVA table, to know the difference between the t ­test and the f ­test. Also for Lesson 13, don’t forget to bring your laptop or cellphone, we will be doing a review of all chapters, finish the Star Problems and play a race. Be prepared! Have a great week, Samie 9...
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