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Unformatted text preview: can we reject the possibility that the vehicle ­ownership distribution in this community differs fro that of the nation as a whole? Source: planetforard.org, July 30, 2009. Number of Vehicles Owned 0 1 2 3 or more Total Number of Households 20 35 23 22 100 3 PROBLEM # 9.10 ­Approximately 13.2% of U.S. drivers are younger than age 25, with 37.7% in the 25 ­44 age group, and 49.1% in the 45 ­and over category. For a random sample of 200 fatal accidents in her state, a safety expert find that 42 drivers were under 25 years old, 80 were 25 ­44 years old, and 78 were at lest 45 years old. At the 0.05 level, test whether the age distribution of drivers involved in fatal accidents within the state could be the same as the age distribution of all U.S. drivers. Source: The World Almanac and Book of Facts 2006, p.117. PROBLEM # 9.11 ­ In carrying out a chi ­square test for the independent of variables, what is the procedure for determining the number of degrees of freedom to be used in the test? PROBLEM # 9.12 ­ For a contingency table with r rows and k columns, determine the df for the test if a. r=3, k=4 b. r=5, k=3 c. r=3, k=7 4 PROBLEM # 9.13 ­ In testing the independence of two variables described in a contingency table, determine the critical value of chi ­square of the test is to be conducted at the a. ! = 0.05 level and df =3 b. ! = 0.01 level and df =5 c. ! = 0.025 level and df =4 PROBLEM # 9.14 ­ A researcher has observed 100 shoppers from three different age groups entering a large discount store and noted that nature of the greeting received by the shopper. Given the results show here, and using the 0.025 level of significance, can we conclude that the age category of the shopper is independent of the nature of the greeting he or she receives upon entering the store? Based on the chi ­square table, what is the most accurate statement that can be made about the p ­value for the test? Greeting Shopper Age Category (years) 21 or less 22 ­50 51 or more Cool 16 12 5 Friendly 8 20 6 Hearty 6 14 13 30 46 24 33 34 33 100 5 PROBLEM # 9.15 ­A pharmaceutical firm, studying the selection of “name brand” versus “generic equivalent” on prescription forms, has been given a sample of 150 recent prescriptions submitted to a local pharmacy. Of the 44 under ­40 patients in the sample, 16 submitted a prescription form with the ...
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