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Unformatted text preview: l in testing whether the three population proportions could be the same. 8 Understanding the Basics: Suggested Problems from the Book. 14.1 Chi ­Square Goodness of Fit Tests: 14.4,14.7,14.8,14.12,14.14,14.15 14.2 A Chi ­Square for Independence: 14.18,14.18,14.20 End of Chapter: 14.28,14.29,14.34 This statistical workbook is compiled from the following books: • • • Keller, G. (2012). Statistics for management and economics. Mason: Cengage Learning. Weiers, R. M. (2011). Introduction to Business Statistics. Mason: Cengage Learning. Gonick, L. W. (2005). The Cartoon Guide to Statistics (Vol. 1). HarperCollins. 9...
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