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Unformatted text preview: ggested Problems from the Book. 8.1 The Null and Alternative Hypotheses and Errors in Hypothesis Testing: 8.2,8.4,8.6,8.8,8.10,8.16 8.2 Type I and Type II Errors and Their Probabilities 8.3 z Tests about a population Mean (! unknown): One ­Sided Alternatives: 8.18,8.20,8.24,8.26,8.28,8.32,8.34 8.4 z Tests about a population Mean (! known): Two ­Sided Alternatives: 8.40,8.42,8.45,8.46, 8.5 t Tests about Population Mean (! unknown): 8.48,8.50,8.52,8.56, 8.6 z Tests about Population Proportion: 8.62,8.64,8.66,8.68, End of Chapter: 8.76,8.78,8.79,8.82,8.83,8.84 This statistical workbook is compiled from the following books: • • • Keller, G. (2012). Statistics for management and economics. Mason: Cengage Learning. Weiers, R. M. (2011). Introduction to Business Statistics. Mason: Cengage Learning. Gonick, L. W. (2005). The Cartoon Guide to Statistics (Vol. 1). HarperCollins. Samie’s Tips! Lesson 8 ­The Exam corner ­ TIPS and TRICKS! Hello, We are now reaching the period of “hypothesis testing”, from now on, all chapters will be about testing a hypothesis using a specific table and knowing whether you should be using the t ­tables, z ­tables, f ­table or X2 table. Understand the 7 steps and you should be okay. See you in class! Samie 11...
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