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Unformatted text preview: the United States: Probability of Being Crime Prosecuted Convicted Jailed for > 1 Year Homicide 0.91 0.75 0.73 Assault 0.79 0.64 0.15 Burglary 0.88 0.81 0.28 Arson 0.88 0.72 0.28 Drug offenses 0.78 0.69 0.19 Weapons 0.83 0.70 0.13 Public disorder 0.92 0.85 0.12 Allen has been arrested for burglary, Bill has been arrested for a weapons offense, and Charlie has been arrested on a public ­disorder charge. Assuming these individuals are typical perpetrators and the decisions regarding their respective fates are unrelated, determine the probability that Source: U.S. Bureau of Justice, as reported in Sam Meddis, “felony Arrests: short Terms, : USA Today, January 18, 1988, p9A 7 a. b. c. d. e. Allen will be jailed for more than a year Either Allen or Bill (or both) will be convicted. None of the three will be jailed for more than a year. Allen and Bill will be convicted, but Charlie will be found innocent. None will be prosecuted. Determine the number of possibilities in which f. Just one person is convicted. g. Exactly two of the three persons are convicted. h. All three persons are convicted. Understanding the Basics: Suggested Problems from the Book. ­Homework #3 Chapter 3 ­ Probabilities The Concept of Probability: 3.2, 3.4, 3.8, 3.10 Sample Spaces and Events: 3.16, 3.20 Some Elementary Probability Rules: 3.24, 3.26, 3.28, 3.32, 3.34 Conditional Probability and Independence: 3.61, 3.64, 3.68. This statistical workbook is compiled from the following books: • Keller, G. (2012). Statistics for management and economics. Mason: Cengage Learning. • McClave, J. T., Benson, G. P., & Sincich, T. (2008). Statistics for Business and Economics. New Jersey: Prentice Hall. • Weiers, R. M. (2011). Introduction to Business Statistics. Mason: Cengage Learning. • (GMAC), F. t. (Ed.). (2005). GMAT  ­Quantitative Review. Oxford, UK: Blackwell. 8...
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