Women In The Marines

Women In The Marines - Women in the Marines Whether or not...

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Women in the Marines Whether or not women should serve in the Unites States Marines is always a heavily controversial issue because people have different points of view about this debated issue. Many people believe that only men should have the opportunity to protect our nation. On the other hand, many people believe that both men and women should have an equal opportunity to fight in combat. Women should not be able to perform hand to hand combat for the United States Marine Corps because they can not handle the mental aspects of war as well as men. These mental aspects consist of coping with killing not only an enemy but innocent civilians and innocent children, coping with the death of fellow friends and soldiers, and being separated from their family for long periods of time to name a few. If our nation was founded on the ideas of man being the protector why should this change occur now when men are stronger then they have ever been before? My uncle, being a highly recognized war hero and decorated Vietnam veteran, has told me numerous stories of his war encounters. Standing next to a fellow soldier and friend as they get their head blown off is the single hardest thing someone would ever endure in their life, in or out of combat. Having your commander shot and carrying him to safety to arrive and realize he died on your shoulders as you were carrying him is a huge emotional battle that my uncle, as well as many other soldiers, have faced and will have to face. Including when my grandmother died, at my cousins (his daughter) college graduation, and at the funeral of his aunt, I have never seen my uncle cry. The only time I have ever see my uncle cry is when he speaks of these stories. This not only shows how
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emotionally strenuous these events were when they happened but also the long term effects they have on one’s emotions. If it is this emotionally hard for a man who tends to
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Women In The Marines - Women in the Marines Whether or not...

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