final steroid essay paper

final steroid essay paper - Steroids in Sports In today's...

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Steroids in Sports In today’s society, athletes are revered as heroes and the pressure on them to be the best is immense. When athletes compete for excellence in sports, they will often do anything to gain a competitive advantage over their opponents, and have gone as far as using illegal substances such as steroids. Ultimately, many professional athletes feel that they need to use performance enhancing drugs in order to compete on a higher level, and overlook the negative health effects related to the use of these drugs. Athletes who have used steroids or other drugs are often labeled as cheaters and have their careers tarnished. The use of steroids by professional athletes is ruining the game, inflicting physical harm on the players, and making a horrible example of them in the eyes of America’s youth. In an interview in 2003 regarding the steroid scandal in Major League Baseball, the commissioner of the MLB, Bud Selig, said, “The use of steroids in my sport is ruining the competitive nature and ruining America’s pastime. The negative role steroids play in the sport and on the players is the biggest issue I am forced to deal with immediately.” He was concerned that if the use of steroids in baseball would continue to grow that it would completely ruin the sport and harm the athletes. After the 2003 season, the league tested most of the players and came to learn that eight percent of the players in the league did in fact use performance enhancing drugs. Mr. Selig implemented new testing rules in baseball for steroids, requiring all players to be tested during the year and be subject to an unlimited amount of random testing if suspected of use. The MLB also implemented new, stricter penalties for any baseball players who
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were caught using steroids. A majority of these penalties came in the form of fines and suspensions without pay. Also with this came the scrutiny and questioning from the media. Think about it, if you were a player and tested positive for banned and illegal substances, you would not want the public knowing that you cheated in order to see short term gains. Prior to this steroid scandal in baseball, there was no official policy for steroids in baseball, let alone any other professional sports league. Commissioners, managers, and fans were clueless about what athletes were doing in order to take it to the next level. After the 2006 season that steroid use in the MLB was down between four to five percent. This shows that the stricter penalties put into place by commissioner Bud Selig helped to lower the amount of player using performance enhancing drugs in baseball. Other league commissioners and officials should learn from Selig and implement tougher testing rules and punishments for those who are caught cheating. Last year Barry Bonds broke what is considered the greatest record in all of
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final steroid essay paper - Steroids in Sports In today's...

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