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Campillo 1 Tyler Campillo Professor Carol Michaelsen ENC 1101-0434 08 October 2007 Addiction When the word “addiction” is introduced into a conversation common first thoughts include, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, or even food. Usually, television program addictions are one of the last things to cross the mind. In today’s society most of the population is consumed by television and technology. Everyday conversations are not considered complete without an analysis of the previous night’s episode of “Grey‘s Anatomy.” Various individuals are drawn to programs due to their nature. For instance, the majority of pre-med students are more likely to watch Grey’s Anatomy or House than Thirty Minute Meals with Rachael Ray. The nature of the show is one in which the viewer is interested. Future doctors want a glimpse into the lives they wish to live and are entertained by the storyline of the show at the same time. The introduction of reality TV shows has also played a major role in the amount of television watched by Americans today. Reality TV shows the type of lives which most people wish to live. My sister, for example, refuses to leave the house when it’s about time for a new episode of The Real World. When I asked her why she insists on watching a program that, I feel,
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english commentary - Campillo 1 Tyler Campillo Professor...

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