Real Estate week 5

On val ue rev at the end of year 5 whi

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Unformatted text preview: al depr eci ati on i s $38,095. What i s the taxabl e i ncome? $5,000 ­$3,400 ­ $41,496 ­ $43,096 Ins tr uc tor Ex planation: Points Rec eiv ed: Chapter 11, Pages 363­364 Taxabl e i ncome = NOI ­ Inter est – Annual Depr eci ati on. 2 of 2 Comments : * Times ar e dis play ed in ( G MT­ 07:00) Mountain Time ( US & Canada) https://f r a me se xt.e c olle ge .c om/( NEXT( 41c 927c 49b) ) /Ma in/AllMode /Fr a me se tHybr id/Ge ne r a lFr a me se tVie w.e d 5/5...
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