Argument Materialistic Culture.

Argument Materialistic Culture. - Campillo 1 Tyler Campillo...

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Campillo 1 Tyler Campillo Professor Carol Michaelsen ENC 1101-0434 29 October 2007 A Road to Regret “I’m going to go to college, get an education, and then find a job based on the amount of money it pays.” That is a majority student’s perspective of college. When students are picking their majors, what they don’t realize is that it is something that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. It will be their livelihood and they conduct this career day-in and day-out until they retire. Being a doctor or an engineer, for example, can have great benefits but there is a bigger feeling of satisfaction when there is passion and fire for your work. A students’ major should be decided by what they enjoy doing and not by the monetary benefits of the career. Nowadays, many kids that come to UCF have a mindset that they should be doctors one day to have many luxuries. It is materialism that influences students in their decision of a major. With these students being the future of our country, it is obviously alarming what the ramifications of this type of mindset bring. This way of life is what drives American society to be materialistic. As long as money is no longer a problem, shopping becomes a large part of these students’s life. This is the mindset that many UCF students have. Therefore, in the future, they will be dumping billions of dollars into it every year. This centralized addiction has even become one of the most rising current problems in the United States. Countless people fall into debt every day to fulfill their need to buy things. This issue is
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Campillo 2 very important because students are being overcome by materialistic desires which all start when choosing their college career. They feel that no matter what, they have to have the nicest, newest, or most popular item. Although some believe that materialistic desires are not overtaking society, there is overwhelming evidence to prove that doubters need to open their eyes and see how materialistic American has become. While many doubters feel that all of the obvious evidence is merely a façade
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Argument Materialistic Culture. - Campillo 1 Tyler Campillo...

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