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take home exam 2 - Jackie Mleziva Bioethics October 30,...

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Jackie Mleziva Bioethics October 30, 2007 Take home exam #2 Confidentiality 1] A) When can medical info be released? Medical information can be released with the patient’s consent, to the proper authorities but not beyond what is relevant, reason for disclosure documented in the medical records but the patient must be informed that the disclosure is required. Also, medical info can be released for the benefit of the patient, to prevent harm to others, when it is required by law, and also for medical research, audits and registries. B) Explain the role of informed consent plays some disclosures? Informed consent has the role in some disclosures when the patient understands nature and the effects of the disclosure, when the insurance companies or employers need the information, and there must be a clear indication of reason and what material is needed. 2] Scenario one. A) What are the confidentiality issues in this case? Jackie should not have said all the information that she did. She could have told her husband she took care of a HIV positive person but that’s all the information she should have released. B) What are the ethical issues in this case? Bill’s confidentiality was broken without his consent and now he doesn’t have medical insurance or a job. I can see Jackie’s husband talking to a friend about the incident but in the first place he should not have known as much information as he did. In small towns this situation could happen very easily, so it is important for care takers to not talk about what happens at work. C)Was anyone in this case being unethical?
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take home exam 2 - Jackie Mleziva Bioethics October 30,...

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