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Unformatted text preview: s, you will receive a score of zero for the second missed exam. Polling: We will be using a personal response system that allows students to give an immediate response to lecturer’s questions in class. This direct feedback will allow the lecturer to gauge the class’s understanding of new concepts and to help set the pace of the class. This is not for course credit, however participation is encouraged. There are two ways to answer questions asked in class. By text message from your cell phone or by using a laptop or web enabled device using your last name and your chem 322 password. Note that when using your laptop or web enabled device, if the professor is not logged in to the system you will see the following message. "Professor not in session now. Please try again later". This is normal. You may register your device on the Chem 322BL website. Homework: Prior to lecture read the sections to be covered in advance. This will make the lectures easier to follow. All of the problems interspersed in the text after many sections should be worked immediately after reviewing each section. This will provide needed practice and reinforcement. Avoid consulting the study guide if you have difficulties. Instead read the pertinent section again and try it yourself. Work all of the assigned problems. This will help you greatly in coping with the material. A list of “end of chapter” problems will be posted on the course website. Working problems is the single best way to learn organic chemistry and the more the better. Only by working problems will you be able to test your knowledge of the material and your skill in applying it. If you have difficulties with some of the problems, it usually means that your knowledge or ability to apply this knowledge is insufficient. In this case, restudy the material in your notes and your text. If that does not help, seek assistance from your instructor or TA’s. Remember that the exam questions will be of a level of difficulty similar to that of the end of chapter problems and may occasionally be selected from homework problems. On Mondays on which there is not a graded exam, additional practice problems will be issued. Although these will not be scored, they present an excellent opportunity for you to check your progress. Students with Any student requesting academic accommodations based on a disability is required to register with DSP, Disabilities: Disability Services and Programs, each semester. A letter of verification for approved accommodations can be obtained from DSP. DSP is located in STU 301 and is open 8:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. The phone number for DSP is (213) 740-0776. Academic Integrity: USC seeks to maintain an optimal learning environment. General principles of academic honesty include the concept of respect for the intellectual property of others, the expectation that individual work will be submitted unless otherwise allowed by an instructor, and the obligations both to protec...
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