RevModPhys.84.1477】Tests of the standard electroweak model at the energy frontier

As described by aaltonen et al 2009a bottom comparison

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Unformatted text preview: ! WW þ X Ldt ðfbÀ1 Þ Theory Cross section (pb) Measured Expt. Ref. ‘ ‘ $0:2 $0:2 19:3 Æ 1:4a 16:0 Æ 0:4a 18:1 Æ 3:1ðstat þ systÞ 14:8 Æ 1:9ðstat þ systÞ Æ 1:0ðlumiÞ CDFb D0c ‘‘ $0:2 4:5 Æ 0:3d 4:6 Æ 0:6ðstat þ systÞ CDFb ‘‘ $1:1 4:7 Æ 0:2d 5:0 Æ 0:3ðstat þ systÞ Æ 0:3ðlumiÞ D0e  3.6 0:039 Æ 0:04d 0:032 Æ 0:09ðstat þ systÞ Æ 0:02ðlumiÞ D0f 11:7 Æ 0:7g þ1 6 12:9 Æ 0:9ðstatÞÀ1::4 ðsystÞ 11:5 Æ 2:1ðstat þ systÞ Æ 0:7ðlumiÞ 5:0þ1::8 ðstatÞ Æ 0:4ðsystÞ À1 4 þ1 7 2:7À1::3 ðstat þ systÞ þ0 7 1:4À0::6 ðstat þ systÞ 1:6 Æ 0:6ðstatÞ Æ 0:2ðsystÞ 16:0 Æ 3:3ðstat þ systÞ 20:2 Æ 4:5ðstat þ systÞ 18:0 Æ 2:8ðstatÞ Æ 2:4ðsystÞ Æ 1:1ðlumiÞ CDFh D0i CDFj D0k CDFl D0m CDFn D0o CDFp ‘‘ ‘‘ ‘‘‘ ‘‘‘ ‘‘‘‘, ‘‘ ‘‘‘‘, ‘‘ ‘qq ‘qq ‘qq, qq " pp ! WZ þ X " pp ! ZZ þ X " pp ! WV þ XðV ! W; ZÞ " pp ! VV þ X ðV ! W; ZÞ 3.6 $1:1 1.1 1.0 1.9 1.7 2.7 1.1 3.5 3:7 Æ 0:3g 1:4 Æ 0:1g 16:1 Æ 0:9g 16:8 Æ 0:5g a b c d e f Baur and Berger, 1993. Baur and Zeppenfeld, 1988. g Campbell and Ellis, 1999. j Abulencia et al., 2007b. m Abazov et al., 2008d. p Aaltonen et al., 2009a. Acosta et al., 2005b. Abazov et al., 2007a. h Aaltonen et al., 2010a. k Abazov et al., 2007b. n Aaltonen et al., 2010b. consistent with the SM NLO prediction of 16:8 Æ 0:5 pb (Campbell and Ellis, 1999). 9. Cross section and anomalous TGC summary A summary of the diboson production cross sections at the Tevatron with comparisons to the theory expectations can be found in Table XIX and Fig. 42. A summary of limits on CDF Published D0 Published Theory Production Cross Section [pb] 10 4 Abazov et al., 2005a. Abazov et al., 2009d. i Abazov et al., 2009e. l Aaltonen et al., 2008b. o Abazov et al., 2009f. anomalous charged and neutral TGCs at the Tevatron can be found in Tables XX and XXI, respectively. The experimental progress on diboson physics during Run II at the Fermilab Tevatron has been truly remarkable. This includes the first observation of WZ production and the first observation at a hadron collider of ZZ production and of weak gauge boson pair production in semileptonic decay. The associated diboson cross-section measurements (many of which are significantly improved from Run I) and detailed studies of their kinematic properties provide stringent tests of standard electroweak theory and constraints on possible new physics coupling to the EW gauge bosons. IV. TOP QUARK 10 3 A. Top-quark mass 10 2 10 1 10 -1 W Z Wγ Zγ VV WV WW WZ ZZ FIG. 42 (color online). A graphical summary of EW gauge boson cross-section measurements and theory expectations during Run II and the Fermilab Tevatron. Rev. Mod. Phys., Vol. 84, No. 4, October–December 2012 As discussed in Sec. V.A, constraints on the Higgs-boson mass from fits to data assuming the SM are limited by the experimental precision of the W boson and top-quark masses....
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