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Unformatted text preview: neutrino and antineutrino QE interaction cross sections will be particularly important in the quest for the detection of CP violation in the leptonic sector going into the future. Rev. Mod. Phys., Vol. 84, No. 3, July–September 2012 µ -n) (10-38 cm2 / nucleon) Joseph A. Formaggio and G. P. Zeller: From eV to EeV: Neutrino cross sections . . . ( µp 1326 1.4 1.2 BNL, PRD 21, 562 (1980), H 2 GGM, NP B152, 365 (1979), C H8 CF3Br 3 Nomad, EPJ C63, 355 (2009), C Serpukov, ZP A320, 625 (1985), Al SKAT, ZP C45, 551 (1990) & others, CF Br 3 1 NUANCE (M =1.0 GeV) A 0.8 0.6 0.4 0.2 0 1 10 10 2 E (GeV) FIG. 12. Same as Fig. 11 except for antineutrino QE scattering,  p ! þ n. " Up to now, we discussed the case where nucleons can be ejected in the elastic scattering of neutrinos from a given target. The final state is traditionally a single nucleon, but can also include multiple nucleons, especially in the case of neutrino-nucleus scattering. For antineutrino QE scattering, it should be noted that the Cabibbo-suppressed production of hyperons is also possible, for example,  p ! þ Ã0 ; " (62)  n !  þ Æ À ; " (63)   p !  þ Æ0 : " (64) Cross sections for QE hyperon production by neutrinos were calculated very early on (Cabibbo and Chilton, 1965; Llewellyn-Smith, 1972) and verified in low statistics measurements by a variety of bubble chamber experiments (Eichten et al., 1972; Erriques et al., 1977; Ammosov et al., 1987; Brunner et al., 1990). New calculations have also recently surfaced (Singh and Vacas, 2006; Mintz and Wen, 2007; Kuzmin and Naumov, 2009). We will say more about strange particle production later when we discuss kaon production (Sec. V.F). Combined, all experimental measurements of QE scattering cross sections have been conducted using beams of muon neutrinos and antineutrinos. No direct measurements of e or e QE scattering cross sections have yet been performed at " these energies. B. NC elastic scattering Neutrinos can also elastically scatter from nucleons via neutral-current (NC) interactions p ! p; p ! p; " " (65) n ! n; p ! p: " " (66) Equations (57)–(60) still apply in describing NC elastic scattering from free nucleons with the exception that, in this case, the form factors include additional coupling factors and a contribution from strange quarks Joseph A. Formaggio and G. P. Zeller: From eV to EeV: Neutrino cross sections . . . F1 ðQ2 Þ 1327      3 ½1 þ ð1 þ p À n ފ 1 þ ð1 þ p þ n Þ 1 Fs ðQ2 Þ 2 2 F2 ðQ2 Þ ¼ À sin W À sin W À1 2 =M2 Þ2 2 =M2 Þ2 2 2 ð1 þ Þð1 þ Q ð1 þ Þð1 þ Q V V   3 ðp À n Þ p þ n 1 Fs ðQ2 Þ FA ðQ2 Þ À sin2 W À2 ¼ À sin2 W 2 22 2 22 2 2 ð1 þ Þð1 þ Q =MV Þ ð1 þ Þð1 þ Q =MV Þ ¼ g A 3 Fs ðQ2 Þ : ÀA 2 22 2 2ð1 þ Q =MA Þ Here 3 ¼ þ1ðÀ1Þ for proton (neutron) scattering, sin2 W s is the weak mixing angle, and F1;2 ðQ2 Þ are the strange vector...
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