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Unformatted text preview:  nþ , as a function of neutrino energy. Also shown is the prediction from Casper (2002) assuming MA ¼ 1:1 GeV. (Ballagh et al., 1983). New experimental investigations are clearly needed. As an example, such a photon search was recently reported by the NOMAD collaboration (Kullenberg et al., 2012). New calculations have already begun to explore FIG. 21. Existing measurements of the cross section for the NC process,  n !  pÀ , as a function of neutrino energy. Also " " shown is the prediction from Casper (2002) assuming MA ¼ 1:1 GeV. the possibility for standard model–based sources of photon production in neutrino scattering (Harvey, Hill, and Hill, 2007; Efrosinin, Kudenko, and Khotjantsev, 2009; Jenkins and Goldman, 2009; Hill, 2011; Ankowski et al., 2012). In addition to photon decay, baryon resonances can also decay in a variety of other modes. This includes multipion and kaon final states which we return to later in this section. TABLE XII. Current measurements of single pion production by neutrinos. In the last column,  refers to a measurement of the total fluxintegrated cross section. Measurements are listed from K2K (Nakayama et al., 2005; Rodriguez et al., 2008; Mariani et al., 2011), MiniBooNE (Aguilar-Arevalo et al., 2009; 2010; 2011a; 2011b), and SciBooNE (Kurimoto et al., 2010a). Experiment K2K K2K K2K MiniBooNE MiniBooNE MiniBooNE MiniBooNE MiniBooNE SciBooNE Target C8 H8 C8 H8 CH2 CH2 CH2 CH2 CH2 C8 H8 Rev. Mod. Phys., Vol. 84, No. 3, July–September 2012 Process þ =QE  CC  CC 0 =QE  NC 0 =CC  CC þ =QE  CC þ  CC 0  NC 0  NC 0 "  NC 0 =CC Cross section measurements , ð E  Þ   ðE Þ 2 d d d , ðE Þ, dQ2 , dT , dT , dTd cos , d d d d d , ðE Þ, dQ2 , dE , d cos , dp , d d , dp , d cos d d , dp , d cos  d2  dT d cos d d cos Joseph A. Formaggio and G. P. Zeller: From eV to EeV: Neutrino cross sections . . . 12 C D. Coherent pion production Aachen NC Al, PLB 125, 230 (1983) (10-40 cm2) per Aachen NC Al, PLB 125, 230 (1983)) µ A 0) In addition to resonance production, neutrinos can also coherently produce single pion final states. In this case, the neutrino coherently scatters from the entire nucleus, transferring negligible energy to the target (A). These low-Q2 interactions produce no nuclear recoil and a distinctly forward-scattered pion, compared to their resonancemediated counterparts. Both NC and CC coherent pion production processes are possible, 400 1331 FNAL CC Ne, PRD 47, 2661 (1993) GGM NC CF 3Br, PRL 52, 1096 (1984) 350 BEBC CC Ne, ZP C43, 523 (1989) CHARM NC CaCO3, PLB 157, 469 (1985) GGM NC CF 3Br, PRL 52, 1096 (1984) 300 CHARM NC CaCO3, PLB 157, 469 (1985) SKAT CC CF3Br, ZP C31, 203 (1986) CHARM-II CC glass, PLB 313, 267 (1993) SKAT NC CF3Br, ZP C31, 203 (1986) FNAL CC Ne, PRL 63, 2349 (1989) NUANCE MA =1.03 GeV 250 NOMAD NC C, PLB 682, 177 (2009) 200 150 100  A !  A0 ; " " (77) (  A !  A0 ; µ...
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