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Unformatted text preview: are two structure functions while for neutrino scattering there is additionally a third structure function, xF3 ðx; Q2 Þ, which represents the V , A interference term. Assuming the quark parton model, in which the nucleon consists of partons (quarks and gluons), Fi ðx; Q2 Þ can be expressed in terms of the quark composition of the target. They depend on the target and type of scattering interaction and are functions of x and Q2 . In the simplest case, the nucleon structure functions can then be expressed as the sum of the probabilities, X " ½xqðx; Q2 Þ þ xqðx; Q2 ފ; (87) F2 ðx; Q2 Þ ¼ 2 xF3 ðx; Q2 Þ ¼ 2 1 þ RL ðx; Q2 Þ 2xF1 ðx; Q2 Þ; 1 þ 4M2 x2 =Q2 (88) i¼u;d;... TABLE XIV. Attributes of neutrino experiments that have recently studied DIS, including CHORUS (Onegut et al., 2006; Kayis-Topaksu et al., 2008a), MINOS (Adamson et al., 2010), NOMAD (Wu et al., 2008), and NuTeV (Zeller et al., 2002; Tzanov et al., 2006; Mason et al., 2007a). Experiment CHORUS MINOS NOMAD NuTeV Target Pb Fe C Fe E ðGeVÞ Statistics 10–200 3–50 3–300 30–360 8:7  10 , 1:5  10  " " 19:4  105 , 1:6  105  10:4  105  8:6  105 , 2:3  105  " Rev. Mod. Phys., Vol. 84, No. 3, July–September 2012 5 Year 5 Results 1995–1998 2005–present 1995–1998 1996–1997 F2 ðx; Q2 Þ, xF3 ðx; Q2 Þ ðE Þ ðE Þ d2  F2 ðx; Q2 Þ, xF3 ðx; Q2 Þ, ðE Þ, dxdy , sin2 W Joseph A. Formaggio and G. P. Zeller: From eV to EeV: Neutrino cross sections . . . µ / E (10-38 cm2 / GeV) N N µ+ X 0.7 0.6 0.5 0.4 VII. ULTRA-HIGH-ENERGY NEUTRINOS: 0.5 TEV–1 EEV 0.3 0.2 IHEP-ITEP, SJNP 30, 527 (1979) IHEP-JINR, ZP C70, 39 (1996) MINOS, PRD 81, 072002 (2010) NOMAD, PLB 660, 19 (2008) NuTeV, PRD 74, 012008 (2006) BEBC, ZP C2, 187 (1979) 0.1 CC experiment (Drakoulakos et al., 2004). With multiple nuclear targets, MINERA will also be able to complete the first detailed examination of nuclear effects in neutrino DIS. µ- X µ 0.8 1335 CDHS, ZP C35, 443 (1987) 0 CCFR (1997 Seligman Thesis) GGM-SPS, PL 104B, 235 (1981) 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 E (GeV) FIG. 28. Measurements of the inclusive neutrino and antineutrino CC cross sections ( N ! À X and  N ! þ X) divided by " neutrino energy plotted as a function of neutrino energy. Here N refers to an isoscalar nucleon within the target. The dotted lines indicate the world-averaged cross sections,  =E ¼ ð0:677 Æ " 0:014Þ Â 10À38 cm2 =GeV and  =E ¼ ð0:334 Æ 0:008Þ Â 10À38 cm2 =GeV, for neutrinos and antineutrinos, respectively, (Nakamura, K. et al., 2010). For an extension to lower neutrino energies, see the complete compilation in Fig. 9. DIS samples as well as measurements of structure functions, inclusive cross sections, and double differential cross sections for CC single muon and dimuon production. Figure 28 specifically shows measurements of the inclusive CC cross section from the NOMAD, NuTeV, and MINOS experiments compared to historic...
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