Barack - The 2008 Presidential race could very well be the...

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The 2008 Presidential race could very well be the most important one in the history of the United States. With the nation being at war, the reputation of the United States hanging in the balance, and the view of the “American Dream” slowly fading away, there is too much at stake for the American people to make another mistake in selecting a competent president(see George W. Bush). There needs to be a drastic change for this country to get itself back on its feet and back into order. Problems such as health care/insurance, the economy, civil rights, the war in Iraq, global warming, and the lack and loss of both faith and trust in the leaders of our country to solve these issues, all need immediate attention. Leading Democratic candidate, Illinois Senator Barack Obama is the best suited, and only presidential candidate available that would meet this description, and to create change, “Change We Can Believe In” as his campaign slogan states. Barack Obama has already brought much change to the United States and he’s done it while having only a seat in the U.S. Senate or less. A Harvard Law School graduate in 1991, Barack was later elected to the Illinois State Senate in 1996 and served for the state of Illinois until 2004 when he became only the third African American to be elected to the United States Senate. After becoming a member of the U.S. Senate, Barack did many things for Illinois as well as helping with issues and creating change nationwide. In 2007 Obama introduced the “Patriot Employer Act” as an earned income tax credit to companies that helped keep the number of American full-time employees up, and it worked as a reward to those who didn’t higher illegal immigrants because they work for less pay. The requirements to qualify are that the companies must pay employees a decent wage, prepare a fund for retirement, provide them with health insurance, support employees who serve in the armed forces, and keep their company in America. This truly shows Obama’s deep concern and care about the well being and success of the average American worker giving them job assurance along with health insurance and a retirement plan. Over the past three years the “Patriot Employer Act” has provided over 100 million dollars in tax cuts to families across the state. Also while in office, Obama helped to pass a bill that allowed American tax-payers or any person to be able to go online and see where every dollar of the money we pay to taxes goes. This also shows a piece of Obama’s character proving that he isn’t the type to hide things from people, he wants the American people to know what is really going on, and doesn’t hide things from the people(Bush). Barack is not the type that is out to get the people’s money, he is the type that wants to help the working man succeed and wants to help solve challenges in the life of an “everyday American”. He is different from all other candidates, as he is about the people, their voice, and their issues, these characteristics are
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Barack - The 2008 Presidential race could very well be the...

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