OB notes - Decision Making Thinking and Feeling The...

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Decision Making - Thinking and Feeling The consequence of all of these traits (E, I) (N, S) (F, T) effect behavior. Perception is showing how we collect information (lifestyle influences this) and Judgement influences decision making (lifestyle also affects this) In ENTJ, thinking dominates ESFP, we see their perception (sensing is dominant, intuition is inferior, feeling is auxiliar) INTJ - Same film as ENTJ but since they are introvert the extroverted thinking film is auxiliary. Dominant is intuition, inferior is sensing, terciary is feeling. ISFP - We see sensing from this person. Sensing is auxiliary, feeling is dominanr, thinking is inferior, intuition is tertiary. Uses of MBTI - most organizations need all types and most jobs require some degree of all of the type factors. Very able assistant, incompetant new guy. Baker isn't doing his job. Who do we blame? CEO who brought in new guy. He should be evaluating performance of baker and doing something about it. Point of view: Maur, CEO, manufacturing, wife. ..see if thorugh everyone's perception except for Baker. We see his extroverted behavior Baker is Extrovert, intuition (setting goals, making decisions about direction) He is intuitive but using skills in introverted world. Focus on costs. Decision making: not interested in getting to know partner. Motivating and Goals:
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OB notes - Decision Making Thinking and Feeling The...

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