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Marketing Final Exam

1 ref 150 thinking key cbe model research obj 09 3 top

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Unformatted text preview: nd female respondents. Which data analysis technique allowed them to get these results? a. One-way frequency counts b. Frame analysis c. Cross-tabulation d. Probability analysis e. Correlation analysis ANS: C A cross-tabulation lets the analyst look at the responses to one question in relation to the responses to one or more other questions. PTS: 1 REF: 150 Thinking KEY: CB&E Model Research OBJ: 09-3 TOP: AACSB Reflective MSC: BLOOMS Application 134. Refer to University Research Study. Because the students must finish the research project within a semester and do not have much money to conduct the research, which of the following would be the best quickest and least expensive method of collecting survey data? a. In-home personal interviews b. Mail surveys c. Internet surveys d. Marketing research aggregators e. Mall intercept interviews ANS: C Two main advantages of Internet surveys are rapid development, real-time reporting and dramatically reduced costs, so this would be the best option for the students. PTS: 1 REF: 151 OBJ: 09-4 TOP: AACSB Technology KEY: CB&E Model Research | CB&E Model Online/Computer MSC: BLOOMS Application Callaway Golf Co. Callaway Golf Co. has long been a leader in women’s golf equipment, but it wanted to expand its lead in this growing sector of the market. While Callaway’s technical people knew what could be done with design, they did not know exactly what women wanted in their clubs. Callaway management decided what it needed to do was to bring the technicians and women golfers together. Beginning about three years ago, Callaway sent a team of researchers, designers, and golf pros out to visit with 40 women golfers of various abilities in locations from California to Florida. In selecting the golfers to study, Callaway decided to focus on women who were just beginning to play and experienced, competitive golfers who wanted to own the latest equipment. Callaway management felt that these two extreme groups of golfers had been overlooked by golf club manufacturers. Further, Callaway felt that if enough could be learned about these two groups, then the company would also learn enough to serve the rest of the women golfer market. Basically, the research team observed the women playing golf and listened to their comments and concerns. The information gathered by this research team was built into every aspect of the design of a new golf club, including the feel of the club, the length of the club shaft and size of the club head, and the weight of the club. When prototypes of the new clubs were completed, they were sent to the women golfers to get their feedback. That feedback was then used to refine the club design. This process went on until the women said the new clubs greatly enhanced their game. The entire process from original prototype to final product took a little less than one year. 135. Refer to Callaway Golf Co. The type of research gathered by the Callaway Golf research team would be called: a. seconda...
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