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Unformatted text preview: his type of advertising when a product enters the growth phase of the product life cycle. COMPARATIVE ADVERTISING directly or indirectly compares two or more competing brands on one or more specific attributes. PTS: 1 REF: 267-268 Communication KEY: CB&E Model Promotion OBJ: 17-2 TOP: AACSB MSC: BLOOMS Synthesis 5. Your company has decided to become the American producer of Chocomel, a Dutch soda that tastes like chocolate mousse. It is made from partially creamed milk, sugar, cocoa, and stabilizers. The price for one glass bottle will be $1.09. You are responsible for developing several advertisements for Chocomel. Name five common advertising appeals. For each appeal, give an example of a Chocomel advertisement message using that appeal. ANS: PROFIT. The higher than ordinary price of Chocomel will allow the distributor to recoup its expenses more quickly. HEALTH. Chocomel is a fun way to get the calcium the body needs. LOVE AND ROMANCE. Chocomel––is it an aphrodisiac? FEAR. When all your friends are talking about this wonderful new soda, will you be part of the in-crowd who have enjoyed a cold bottle of Chocomel? ADMIRATION. An attractive celebrity spokesperson could promote Chocomel. CONVENIENCE. Chocomel is ready to drink right out of the bottle. FUN AND PLEASURE. A bottle of Chocomel will make any event fun. VANITY AND EGOTISM. Only the truly innovative will be able to appreciate the exquisite taste of Chocomel. ENVIRONMENTAL CONSCIOUSNESS. Chocomel comes in a recyclable bottle. Of course, students will have other ideas about advertising appeals. See Exhibit 17.1. PTS: 1 REF: 269 Communication KEY: CB&E Model Promotion OBJ: 17-3 TOP: AACSB MSC: BLOOMS Synthesis 6. Eighty percent of all pregnant women suffer from morning sickness. In a large majority of women, the morning sickness is alleviated by ginger. Your company has developed Gin-Gins, an all-natural hard candy made from real ginger. You are responsible for developing advertisements for Gin-Gins. Name six common advertising executional styles. Then briefly describe how you would design five different Gin-Gins advertisements (one for each executional style you have listed). ANS: SLICE-OF-LIFE. Two newly pregnant professional women are trying to work––one has morning sickness and the other does not because she has Gin-Gins. LIFESTYLE. The ad could show how important Gin-Gins are for someone who wants to continue working and playing during her pregnancy. SPOKESPERSON/TESTIMONIAL. A pregnant celebrity could endorse Gin-Gins. FANTASY. This ad could build a fantasy for mothers-to-be. The baby is born and is an immediate genius, making a million dollars before she is six. HUMOROUS. Famous female comedians could talk about how awful their morning sickness was and wish that Gin-Gins had been invented when they needed it. REAL/ANIMATED PRODUCT SYMBOLS. Through animation, this ad could show how GinGins settle a raging stomach. MOOD OR IMAGE. This ad would build a mood or image arou...
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