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Marketing Final Exam

Plc stages ans d the plc concept encourages marketing

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Unformatted text preview: PLC concept encourages marketing managers to think reactively. b. Marketers do not yet understand the relationship between the adopter categories and the stages of the PLC. c. There are as many new buyers in the maturity stage of the PLC as in the growth stage. d. The PLC is especially useful as a predicting tool. e. Just as there are five adopter categories, there are five PLC stages. ANS: D The PLC concept encourages marketing managers to think proactively about where a product will go in its life cycle. PTS: 1 REF: 183 Thinking KEY: CB&E Model Product OBJ: 11-5 TOP: AACSB Reflective MSC: BLOOMS Evaluation Fitbit The pedometer is getting kicked up a notch with the new Fitbit device. The Fitbit is a $99 motiondetecting sensing device that can measure the user’s activity even when asleep. It digitally records the distance a user walks or runs, right down to the number of steps, and calories burned. The device wirelessly sends data to its Web site, fitbit.com, giving users minute-by-minute details. Users can add consumption information at the Web site, allowing an accurate picture of calorie consumption and expenditures. Unlike other devices, like the Nike + iPod Sport Kit that monitors walking and running and sells for $29 or the Zeo Personal Sleep Coach that records brainwaves while the user is sleeping and sells for $399, the Fitbit combines both functions. The first-time Fitbit setup isn’t very easy for users, but once over that hurdle, it’s relative easy to use. 96. Refer to Fitbit. The company marketing the Fitbit does not currently market a product like this. Which of the following best represents the category of new product the Fitbit is for this company? a. New-to-the-world product b. New product line c. Addition to existing product lines d. Repositioned product e. Incremental product ANS: B The category of new product lines represents products that the firm has not previously offered. PTS: 1 REF: 172 Thinking KEY: CB&E Model Product OBJ: 11-1 TOP: AACSB Reflective MSC: BLOOMS Application 97. Refer to Fitbit. The idea for the Fitbit was generated from an employee retreat in which everyone was encouraged to think of unlimited product ideas for the fitness-minded consumer. Participants did not critique any of the ideas, as the goal at that point was just to generate ideas. What ideagenerating technique does this illustrate? a. Brainstorming b. Brain dumping c. Snowball sampling d. Laddering e. Entropy ANS: A The goal of brainstorming is to get a group to think of unlimited ways to vary a product or solve a problem. Members avoid criticism of an idea no matter how ridiculous it may seem. PTS: 1 Thinking REF: 174 OBJ: 11-2 TOP: AACSB Reflective KEY: CB&E Model Product MSC: BLOOMS Application 98. Refer to Fitbit. In terms of the new-product development process, Fitbit’s availability in retail stores and online shows that it is in the _____ stage. a. idea screening b. idea generation c. business analysis d. test marketing e. commercializ...
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