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Marketing Final Exam

To cooperate or are inaccessible frame error arises

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Unformatted text preview: to be larger than sampling error. SAMPLING ERROR occurs when a sample is not representative of the target population. There are several other types of error related to sampling error: nonresponse error, frame error, and random error. NONRESPONSE ERROR is created when the sample actually interviewed differs from the sample drawn because people refuse to cooperate or are inaccessible. FRAME ERROR arises if the sample is drawn from a population (or frame) that differs from the target population. RANDOM ERROR occurs when the selected sample is an imperfect representation of the overall population. PTS: 1 REF: 148-149 Communication KEY: CB&E Model Research OBJ: 09-3 TOP: AACSB MSC: BLOOMS Synthesis 14. Discuss the advantages of Internet surveys. ANS: RAPID DEVELOPMENT, REAL-TIME REPORTING. Internet surveys can be broadcast to thousands of potential respondents simultaneously. DRAMATICALLY REDUCED COSTS. The Internet can cut costs by 25 to 40 percent and provide results in half the time it takes to do traditional telephone surveys. PERSONALIZED QUESTIONS AND DATA. Internet surveys can be highly personalized for greater relevance to each respondent’s own situation, thus speeding the response process. IMPROVED RESPONDENT PARTICIPATION. Internet surveys take half as much time to complete as phone interviews, can be accomplished at the respondent’s convenience, and are much more stimulating and engaging. CONTACT WITH THE HARD-TO-REACH. Certain groups––doctors, high-income professionals, top management––are among the most surveyed and the most difficult to reach. PTS: TOP: KEY: MSC: 1 REF: 151-152 OBJ: 09-4 AACSB Communication | AACSB Technology CB&E Model Research | CB&E Model Online/Computer BLOOMS Synthesis 15. What is scanner-based research? What two companies currently provide most of the scanner data? ANS: Scanner-based research is a system for gathering information from a single group of respondents by continuously monitoring the advertising, promotion, and pricing they are exposed to and the things they buy. The variables measured are advertising campaigns, coupons, displays, and product prices. This creates a huge database of marketing efforts and resultant consumer behavior. The two major scanner-based data suppliers are Information Resources, Inc. (IRI) and the A. C. Nielsen Company. IRI offers BehaviorScan, which is based on data from panel members who shop with an ID card. IRI’s most successful product is InfoScan, a scanner-based sales-tracking service for the consumer packaged-goods industry. PTS: TOP: KEY: MSC: 1 REF: 153-154 OBJ: 09-5 AACSB Communication | AACSB Technology CB&E Model Research | CB&E Model Online/Computer BLOOMS Synthesis 16. When a manager is faced with alternative solutions to a problem, he or she should NOT immediately call for marketing research. The first decision to make is whether to conduct marketing research at all. Name and briefly discuss two situations in which it is best NOT to...
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