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SOCIOLOGY 334 – CRIME AND SOCIETY FINAL EXAM QUESTIONS – Final Exam is Mon. Dec. 17 th 12:00 Noon Fall 2007 -- DR. ZANT On the day of the exam, two of the following questions will be selected for you to discuss. Fully discuss each selection. 1. Although criminal behavior occurs in all groups in society, it seems that the crime of the underprivileged and powerless commands the most attention. Using your readings from Berger #5B, #7 and #8, as well as your class notes, employ your sociological imagination and analyze the key dimensions of inequality and power underlying the CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR associated with RACE and GENDER, explaining how such inequalities influence criminality. With gender, note how patterns of crime are gendered and how crime is a resource to doing gender and vice versa. 2. As a gender group, all women face a special oppression and exploitation that produces humiliation, subjugation, inequality, and injustice. One particular problem is sexual violence AGAINST both women and children. Write an essay incorporating the variety of issues and
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