Project1Calendar - (W Continue to discuss Wideman and short...

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ENG U111: College Writing/Spring 2008 Mon/Wed 2:50 (section 70) Mr. Zuch Course Calendar (This calendar is subject to change). Week One 1/7 (M) Intro to the course; in-class-writing Read : “Introduction” to Ways of Reading , 1-26 Write: Short Assignment # 1—on metaphors in Intro (see Course Materials in Blackboard for all Project I short assignments) 1/9 (W) Interviews to discuss peer review/writing experiences; discuss metaphors in Intro Read: “Our Time” J. Wideman 687-710 Write: Short Assignment # 2—respond to ideas about memory in course Description (see “Syllabus” section in Blackboard) Week Two 1/14 (M) Discuss memory ideas, Wideman, and short assignment #2, Workshop/In- class writing Read: Wideman 710-727 Write: Short Assignment # 3—on Wideman (see short assignment sheet) Write: Short Assignment # 4—“Questions for a Second Reading”(QSR)#1, p 727 1/16
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Unformatted text preview: (W) Continue to discuss Wideman and short assignments #3& #4 Read: re-read Wideman Write: Short Assignments #5 and #6—QSR--#2 and #3—727-28 Week Three 1/21 (M) no classes—Univ. closed for MLK, Jr. Day 1/23 (W) Discuss Wideman and short assign #5 and #6, Workshop/ In-class writing; discuss ideas for final paper Write: Post proposal Friday 1/25 by noon Draft One Week Four 1/28 (M) Draft One workshop Write: Draft Two Write: Post revised opening paragraph, Wed 9AM 1/30 (W) Draft Two workshop: discuss MLA documentation format--bring a source for MLA documentation with you to class Write: Continue to work on draft two; bring in 5 copies of one revised section of draft (develop/support—commentary/candid style) Week Five 2/4 (M) Final Paper/ Project I Portfolio due ; begin “Portrait of An Invisible Man” by Paul Auster...
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Project1Calendar - (W Continue to discuss Wideman and short...

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