In the story The Cathedral by Raymond Carver the narrator and Robert a blind man who came over to Ro

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In the story "The Cathedral" by Raymond Carver, the narrator and Robert, a blind man who came over to Robert's house, expirience an epiphany.The cathedral symbolizes different things to both the characters. In fact, it changes the narrator in a sense that he will start fresh instead of lying in the couch watching television and getting high. The narrator starts to have a taste of this new life that he has been missing. For Robert, he has a sense of what a cathedral is and is now content about why he wanted to know what a cathedral was in the first place. However, how did a drawing of a cathedral change both of these characters? In the beginning of the story, the narrator has a bit of a rough time with his wife reavealing that the narrator doesn't hold a deep bond with his wife and is always on the couch watching television "What’s wrong with you... Are you drunk" (Carver 437). The narrator finds no interest in the blind man visting the
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