misleads investors technology

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Unformatted text preview: dynamism The degree of discontinuous change that occurs within an industry Changing the Environment You are In Strategic maneuvering An organization’s conscious efforts to change the boundaries of its task environment Domain selection Entrance to a new market or industry with an existing expertise Diversification Occurs when a firm invests in a different product, business, or geographic area Mergers One or more companies combine with another Acquisitions One firm buys another Divestiture A firm sells one or more businesses Prospectors Continuously change the boundaries of their task environment by seeking new products and markets, diversifying and merging, or acquiring new enterprises Defenders Stay within a stable product domain as a strategic maneuver Organization Culture The set of important assumptions about the organization and its goals and practices that members of the company share In strong cultures, the majority of people within the organization agree on organizational goals In weak cultures, the majority of people within the organization disagree on organizational goals Competing Values Model of Culture...
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