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Philosophy - these rights from himself to preserve another An example of this is the man who was rock-climbing out west and got his arm trapped

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Eric Scheuing TA: Sasha Jay Discussion Question on John Locke John Locke has created the inalienable rights of men. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are the three rights that all men have. He states in his writings that no man can have any of these rights taken from him under most circumstances. The only time these rights can be taken from someone is when it involves punishment for taking one or more of these rights from another man. However, there are many times when a person is confronted with a situation where he must take one, or even more than one of
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Unformatted text preview: these rights from himself to preserve another. An example of this is the man who was rock-climbing out west, and got his arm trapped between a rock and the ground. To free himself, he ended up having to cut his own arm off. While this helped him preserve his life, he could no longer do many of the things he loved, severely hurting his pursuit of happiness. If presented with a situation like this, what would Locke say we should do?...
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