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To whom securing optimal shelf space

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Unformatted text preview: s directed toward channel members to induce them to carry a product and promote it to final consumers. Product mix width may be defined as: Answer the number of different product categories found within an industry. the number of UPC's associated with a particular product line. the average number of products within each product line in a company. the extensiveness of the coverage of the product line from high end (expensive) to low end (inexpensive). the number of different product lines that an organization offers. The four tools of promotion include all of the following EXCEPT: Answer Sales Promotion Public Relations Branding Personal Selling Advertising Which of the following is NOT true regarding a "market?" Answer A market may be divided into segments. Whereby customers within each segment share similar needs and wants in the product and respond similarly to marketing stimuli. A market may include individual consumers (e.g. households) and / or organizational consumers (e.g. universities, hospitals). Resellers such as wholesalers and retailers are included by marketers in the definition of a market. To be included in the definition of a market, customers must be willing and able to pay for the product. A market is the set of actual and potential buyers of a product. _____ distribution is most appropriate for convenience goods. Answer Specialized Narrow Intensive Exclusive Selective...
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