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Unformatted text preview: NWT Medicine Hat, AB Each of the above cities belongs to a different climate region in Canada. Your task is as follows: Your Using the temperature and precipitation data from Table 1, determine the Köppen climate region that the Using data originates from. data When you have completed the task, match the cities in the table to one of the 7 cities listed above and When create the climatograph for each of the cities. create Explain the differences that you see among the 7 climate zones. 15 Classifying Climate BACKUP SLIDES BACKUP 16 From - http://www.dbs-sar.com/images/World_ecoregion.bmp 17 17 From -http://assets.panda.org/img/ecoregions_232886.jpg 18 18 From - http://www.on.ec.gc.ca/wildlife/wildspace/wsimages/ws-map-ontforest.gif 19 19 Methods of describing Climate Ecoregions Also consider landforms, plants, soil type and animals 867 global Ecoregions SUBDIVIDED – Zones, – Provinces, – Regions – Districts Source: http://www.fs.fed.us/rm/ecoregions/images/maps/ecoregions-north-america.gif 20 20 Methods of describing Climate Bioclimatic Profiles Describe only climatic Conditions Describe climate conditions and predict possible changes over next 40­80 years From - http://www.planthardiness.gc.ca/images/cfs11x8E.jpg 21 21...
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