Overpopulation Article Response

Labor capital and land resources

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Unformatted text preview: changes that happen because of us not only harm us but everything else on earth as well. The author conveys that the Anthropocene represents a new phase in the history of both humankind and of the Earth, when natural forces and human forces became intertwined. 2. This issue is controversial to the environmental quality because the whole article is explaining how our environment is having changes and is being destroyed because of the human population. Most of the global changes that were mentioned in this article will be detrimental to the environmental. The counterargument is that Anthropocene is geologically very brief which makes practical sense to humans to just live on. Although, a counterargument 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. for this is that it is geologically unique and novel because no previous migrations of organisms. The authors in this article provide many examples to back up their point of view and opinion. Carbon dioxide has risen to over a third over preindustrial levels. This backs up their opinion because all the waste we put in the air raises the carbon dioxide levels. There is a rise in temperatures that already exceed modeled predictions. This causes polar ice sheets to respond more quickly than usual and the sea level to rise. This explains how the waste we put into the air from our overpopulation raises the temperature and sea level of the ocean. Global temperatures have raised and species migrated to find their normal climate. This shows how overpopulation changed the environment through temperature and animals had to move their environment to a different place. Some aspects may be being overlooked because human overpopulation is not the only reason why the environment is deteriorating. Human actions are more responsible than the amount of people. This is a global problem because the things happening to the environment that are mentioned in this article are happening all over the world. It has to do with the human population of the whole world and environments and temperatures everywhere. One philosophical issue that may come up is the issue of people destroying their environment by industrialization. People do not realize what damage and harm they are doing to not only our environment, but our resources, our climate, animals, and even ourselves. People need to think about their actions more and realize what effect it will have on the things around them and more importantly, the whole world. A legal scholar could be asked why it is legal for people to do what they to the environment; for example, cutting down forests for industrialization, destroying resources and habitats…etc. A philosopher could be asked why people do not think about their actions more. Philosophy is about critically thinking about everything in a very reflective way. People may ask a philosopher why people believe it is okay to do what they do the environment or why people don’t think about their consequences. My reaction to this article is that I agree completely with the authors. I believe that the human population is destroying our environment and we are suffering from it whether people believe it or not. My position can be defended based on the facts stated in this article, for example, how the temperatures and sea levels raised and how industrialization and cities are taking up most of the land, making our resources run low....
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