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Supports butlers pov because the

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Unformatted text preview: cine but for some poorer countries, they do not benefit from the world’s medical advances. Because of this, some countries suffer a lot from health problems due to the amount of people and disease. For example, in Africa the epidemic of HIV and AIDS is not treated because the leaders failed to devote the resources and provide the leadership to stop the epidemic. 7. A political scientist would agree with Butler because they study countries and population and how that plays a part in the country’s development and growth. An economist would also probably agree with Butler because they study and develop theories and concepts from a country’s economy. The economy includes the economic system of the country’s labor, capital and land resources. This pertains to overpopulation because there are a lot of labor resources (people) and not enough land resources to support them. 8. My reaction to the main idea is that I agree with what Butler is saying. I agree there is an overpopulation problem but I do not believe that there are not enough resources to support the human population. I believe if there was an even displacement of resources for every country in the world, there would not be a resource problem. For example, I feel that the United States consumes more than needed. If we took that unneeded consumption and applied it to poorer countries like Africa, I feel that there wouldn’t be such a big resource problem as there is now. Aside from this, I do believe that there is a population problem. This author didn’t necessarily persuade me to accept his position because I already shared his belief in human overpopulation. Yes, my position can be defended. Sarah Lembo September 18, 2011 The New World of the Anthropocene By Jan Zalasiewicz, Mark Williams, Will Steffen, Paul Crutzen, 2010, Environmental Science & Technology Viewpoint, Vol. 44, 2228 ­ 2231 https://ilearn.marist.edu/access/content/attachment/35feea90 ­d0e4 ­4811 ­9f32 ­ b2d6616fb7be/Assignments/8c3a4207 ­4595 ­49f1 ­9257 ­ 54749a8ef041/Crutzen%20anthropocene%20article.pdf 1. The main position or message that these authors are trying to convey is that because of human overpopulation in the world, it is taking a toll on the environment and how nature works. Environmental changes are taking place because of the human population. Not only is the growth having an affect on the environment but the industrialization of humans are too. By building cities and expanding our industries, we are destroying the environment more than we know. The environmental...
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