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Of rocky and metallic pieces that

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Unformatted text preview: are widely accepted and well ­tested and supported view. D. Observation because it is a fact and not a hypothesis can be proved. 6. The statement Earth is getting warmer, consequently evaporation is increasing can have the positive feedback of others agreeing with it because as liquid gets warmer, water evaporates which would be because of the Earth getting warmer and affecting the water cycle. Negative feedback would include that water evaporates at a very high temperature and if the Earth’s temperature is not as high as the water temperature required for evaporation to exist, then others would not agree. 7. Sedimentary rocks are the most abundant of rocks and can be proven to be through the rock cycle because of the constant weathering happening on the planet. Weathering creates sediments and over time, these sediments are compacted and cemented into sedimentary rocks. These rocks, when uplifted, weathered, transported or deposited can become sediments again, which in turn will become sedimentary rocks again. If sedimentary rocks experience heat and pressure, they become metamorphic rocks. However, when these metamorphic rocks experience uplifting, weathering, transportation and deposition, they become sediments which will then become sedimentary rocks again. Two kinds of rocks, metamorphic and sedimentary, can become sediments which compose sedimentary rocks. Other rocks do not have two different kinds of rocks that when uplifted, start their creation over again. 8. The process that takes place between the atmosphere and hydrosphere is weathering, which creates rock debris. The geosphere and the biosphere include the process of the solid portion of Earth’s surface. Process between geosphere and atmosphere include volcanoes. Processes between geosphere and hydrosphere include waves and tsunamis. Processes between atmosphere and biosphere include ozone change. Hydrosphere and biosphere include the water cycle. 9. Very old, deformed rocks could be found where active, continental margins are, where the oceanic lithosphere is being subducted beneath the margin of the continent. An example of this would be the Peru ­Chile trench where the continent of South America is crashing against a oceanic plate. Young, undisturbed rocks could be found in passive continental margins where no collision or subduction is taking place. An example of this would be found along most of the coastal areas surrounded by the Atlantic and Indian oceans, for example east coasts of North and South America. On the map, the Demerara Abyssal Plain is an example of where to find young, undisturbed rocks....
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