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Unformatted text preview: ct selling, sales promotion, direct marketing, advertising Affected by: cultural barriers, source and country of origin effects, noise levels Push strategy = emphasizes personnel selling Pull = emphasizes mass media advertising Depends on: product type and consumer sophistication, channel length and media availability Product type = consumer goods sell to a large segment = PULL Industrial firms = PUSH Channel length = long = expensive to push product through many layers Use mass advertising to create consumer demand Media availability = pull = access to advertising media, push = limited access to mass media Push = industrial products, distribution channels are short, few print or electronic media’s available Pull = consumer goods, long channels, sufficient print and electronic media Pricing: Consider price discrimination, strategic pricing and government mandated price controls Price discrimination = keep nation markets separate, diff elasticities Elasticity of demand = measure of responsiveness of demand for a product to changes in prices Elastic = small change in price produces large change in demand Inelastic = large change in produces small change Determinants = income level and competitive conditions LOW income = greater, higher number of competitors Dumping = firm sells products for lower than the cost of producing it New product development = technological innovation and product life cycles and invest in R&D GREATER = more money is spent on basic and applied research and development, strong demand, affluent consumers, intense competition R&D = scientific research, demand conditions, competitive conditions Successful = commercialization with different versions for diff countries, coordinate with marketing...
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