2 - 2/27/08 o Mother-tending the garden- Sister- watching...

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2/27/08 o Mother-tending the garden- Sister- watching the fire inside the hut, flame of the fire symbolized the life of the family and later the life of the nation itself o Senators/legislatures met in the court house, 3 rd element in that sequence, where the people gathered round in front of the rostra, the south side of it, the open space called the Comitium (means the coming together place) Corea, Rostra, Comitium. o Problem of the matter of the uh courage and chain and fear of the individual warrior, the dynamic of the ability of the warrior to face battle, the camaraderie of the warriors, or the negative fear of shame if he failed in his duties through cowardice, if so he’d be shamed by all o Tonight- were going to look at the problem of the break down of the republic, the person of Octavian, Heir of Julius Caesar who becomes Augustus Caesar o Assassins thought of themselves not as assassins but liberators, freeing the country from Julius o What to do with the successor kingdoms of Alexander, the Ptolomies, the Antigonids, and the Selucids running from Syria all the way to India, so large and so unyielding that it broke up on its own… considerable concern to the romans, as their main enemies to the east the Parthians, the Successors to the Iranian Persians. o 70’s and 60’s of the first century BC, management of the provinces entering the empire… question was how are we going to manage and control this new territory constantly coming under our control o Original settlement was not satisfactory, as it left no control of the governance of then provinces, any man who could reach the council office, chief executive of metropolian italy, then could make himself available under the title of pro council to govern one of the new provinces of the empire. . no oversight to the malefactors o Lots of problems for the empire, under the Brachia Brothers. Both senators and were active in trying to solve the problem of the disposed and for their pains the ultra conservatives in the senate had them assassinated… similar to the Kennedy brothers… o Next sequence was between the Ultra conservatives led by the Senator Sorbias, and Mowrias the liberal. o
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2 - 2/27/08 o Mother-tending the garden- Sister- watching...

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