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Final Exam Chemistry 212-1 Fall 2004 Name: ______________________ 200 Points Please answer each of the questions in the space provided and refrain from writing on the backs of pages and on additional scraps of paper. You are free to use you models if you have them and there is additional paper available at the front of the room for you to use should it seem necessary. Make sure that you read each question. The Teaching Assistants and the Instructor are available to address any questions you may have during the exam. Please rememberthat it is an exam and there are limits to the types of explanations they can provide. While it is a disruption to leave the room during the exam sometimes this is unavoidable. Please check the board for any corrections or changes on the exam. You have two hours in which to complete the exam. Finally, GOOD LUCK!!!! Question Score 1 _____ (25 Points) 2 _____ (25 Points) 3 _____ (25 Points) 4 _____ (25 Points) 5 _____ (25 Points) 6 _____ (25 Points) 7 _____ (50 Points) Total _____ (200 Points)
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Final Exam Chemistry 212-1 Fall 2004 Initials: ________ Page 1 1. (25 Points) The following hydroboration takes place with almost total regiochemistry.
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